The Hip Joint

» The job of the hip joint is to bear weight

» It is a ball-and-socket synovial joint

» It is the connect between the lower limb and the pelvis

» Hips provide stability & range of motion during movement & activity

» Arthritis is a common disease found in the hips

The Knee Joint

» The job of the knee joint is to bear weight

» It is hinge joint composed of the femur, tibia and patella

» Knee stability & pain-free range of motion are important to maintaining daily function

» Arthritis is a common disease found in the knees

» Because of it's complexity, it can be prone to sports injuries as well, like meniscus tears

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» Improve your quality of life and regain your mobility

» Eradicate pain from your activities of daily living

» Explore non-surgical management of hip & knee problems

» Experience advanced replacement surgery techniques

» Take the first step toward becoming active again

Specializing In


Hip Surgery

The hip joint is one of the most essential joints in our body, where the axial spine meets the legs. The hip join requires stability and mobility. Everyday activities that we may take for granted can be easily impacted and impaired by hip pain.

Hip arthritis typically presents as achy groin pain which intensifies with activity and limits range of motion.

In addition to non-surgical management of hip issues, Dr. Rana routinely performs Anterior Total Hip Replacements, Tradition Posterior Hip Replacements, and Revision Hip Replacements.

Knee Surgery

The knee joint is one of the most complex joints in the body where the three major bones of the leg and the patella are joined.  The knee relies on multiple muscles and 4 ligaments to create a stable weight bearing joint in the legs.

Similar to the hip, knee arthritis presents patients with achy pain within the knee and which results in a limited range motion during activities.

In addition to non-surgical management of knee issues, Dr. Rana specializes in Minimally invasive Total Knee Replacements, Partial Knee Replacements, Revision Knee Replacements and Knee Arthroscopy

Fracture Care

A fracture occurs when a bone is cracked or broken.  Fractures typically involve traumatic incidents such as athletic injuries, vehicle accidents or falls which create an impact or stress to the bone.

There are other medical conditions that can weaken the bones, such as osteoporosis or certain types of cancer that can cause pathologic fractures.

Dr. Rana is well trained in all types of fracture management, but particularly enjoys hip fractures and periprosthetic fractures given his fellowship training.

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Meet Dr. Rana

Dr. Sumit H. Rana is a board-certified and fellowship-trained Orthopaedic Surgeon. His practice is focused on hip and knee replacement surgery, including: partial and total knee replacements, anterior and posterior hip replacements, knee arthroscopy, orthopaedic trauma and fracture care, and revising hip and knee replacements that have failed. He is best known for his excellent bedside manner, ability to listen to his patients’ needs and concerns, keen attention to details, and superior surgical skills and outcomes.


What Patients Are Saying


Dr. Rana fills all the requirements for the perfect orthopedic surgeon--he is patient, kind, compassionate, and caring! I recently had a total knee replacement and feel my excellent recovery is due to his skill and expertise in using up-to-date surgical techniques. Dr. Rana takes the time to explain all treatment plans and options and is genuinely concerned about giving you the best care possible. If you need an excellent orthopedic surgeon, look no further, Dr. Rana is the best! – M.L.