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Patient Information

Outpatient Total Joint Replacement

Whether you suffer from a sports injury, accident, or have joints deteriorating from aging or arthritis, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sumit H. Rana, MD is a specialist in hip and knee replacement surgery, including outpatient total joint replacement

Rana Joint Replacement utilizes the latest innovations in implant procedures and surgical techniques, including robotic assisted surgery.

Many of Dr. Rana’s hip and knee replacement surgeries can be accomplished as outpatient procedures. This means less pain and a quicker return to normal, which also means happier patients. Our goal is to get you back as soon as possible. 


Robotic Total Joint Replacement

Robotic Total Joint Replacement technology allows the surgeon precision guided assistance required in many common and complex surgical procedures. 

The process starts with a 3D model of the joint, which allows Dr. Rana to fully plan out the surgery. He then guides the robotic arm to clean out the bad bone and cartilage, and then uses it again to precisely place the anatomically designed implants. And with the assistance of a robot, each Rana Joint Replacement procedure is personalized and can be easily adjusted if anything changes or is discovered during the operation. 

The key is precision. Dr. Rana is always accurate and meticulous with each patient and in understanding their specific pain and issues, and of course their goals for improvement and healing. This then moves into a unique surgical plan, and robotic total joint replacement is part of that precision.  

Pain and stiffness can be debilitating, but now you can do something about it with Rana Joint Replacement. With offices in West Hills, Tarzana, and Westlake Village, CA, Dr. Sumit Rana, MD is here to address all of your joint needs and concerns.

Visit to learn more, or call 818.264.3344 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Rana.