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SAME DAY Outpatient Total Hip Replacement

Osteoarthritis affects nearly one-quarter of Americans. As a leading cause of joint disability, osteoarthritis of the hip limits mobility for millions of people. Hip replacement surgery is often the only solution. In fact, it is estimated that by 2030, more than 630,000 individuals will have a total hip replacement surgery each year. Fortunately, thanks to advanced surgical techniques, many people suffering from pain in the hip due to osteoarthritis, fractures, or trauma, or disease, are excellent candidates for same day outpatient total hip replacement surgery (arthroplasty). 


What happens during an outpatient hip replacement?

Outpatient hip replacement surgery performed by leading orthopedic surgeon Dr. Sumit Rana, MD uses a minimally invasive anterior approach. One incision will be made near the top of the thigh bone. With the hip exposed, Dr. Rana uses specialized surgical tools and live X-rays for guidance to carefully remove damaged bone and cartilage, without having to detach any any tendons. Likewise, with the joint exposed, Dr. Rana gently moves the muscles along their natural tissue plane, so that no cutting is necessary. Keeping the tendons and muscles intact promotes greater joint stability.


Once the damaged tissue and cartilage have been removed, the hip is replaced by metal and plastic implants. The incision is then closed. All told, an outpatient total hip replacement performed by Dr. Rana generally takes less than an hour and a half. 


Benefits of Outpatient Total Hip Replacement

Because no ligaments or muscles are cut during a minimally invasive outpatient hip replacement, patients will experience numerous benefits, when compared to more traditional hip replacement techniques. 

  • No Hospital Stay

Over the last decade, joint replacement surgeons have realized that healthy individuals can safely undergo this procedure without having to stay overnight in the hospital. Minimally invasive hip replacement surgery performed by Dr. Rana can be performed in an outpatient surgical center close to his office locations in West Hills, Tarzana, or Westlake Village. These state-of-the-art outpatient surgical centers are fully equipped for hip and knee replacement surgeries, yet you won’t need to stay overnight.

  • Faster Recovery

The chief benefit of minimally invasive surgical techniques is an expedited recovery from surgery. Because the anterior approach to hip replacement avoids disruption to muscle and ligaments, patients experience swifter healing.

  • Less Pain

Patients can expect less discomfort following a minimally invasive outpatient hip replacement, compared to a traditional hip replacement. This is because the incision used in an interior hip replacement hip replacement is much smaller, and there is much less damage to the soft tissues around the hip in the anterior approach. Patients also experience less post-operative nausea and/or anesthesia-induced confusion with newer aesthesia techniques like spinal anesthesia as opposed to general anesthesia. 

  • Fewer Post-Surgical Restrictions & Supplies

Patients who undergo a traditional posterior hip replacement are often quite restricted in movement following surgery due to increased risk of post-operative dislocation. They are given a set of instructions to follow known as posterior hip precautions, With a minimally invasive anterior approach hip replacement there is less risk of dislocation of the hip so you may be able to forgo special equipment such as a raised toilet seat and abduction pillows, and avoid restrictions like avoiding low seats and not crossing your legs. In addition Dr. Rana will prescribe a physical therapist to come to your home to get you moving safely, as quickly as possible. 

  • Better Outcomes

Hip replacement surgeries are by and large successful procedures with an impressive 95% success rate. Anterior hip replacement surgeries are especially successful in preventing future dislocations and providing a natural feeling in the hip. 

  • Less Risk

Outpatient surgeries are less risky than surgeries requiring a hospital stay, as there is less potential for a hospital-acquired infection. Likewise, smaller incisions reduce the risk of blood loss and make it less likely that the incision site will become infected. 

  • Less Costly

Because minimally invasive hip surgery does not require a hospital stay, medical bills are typically less than surgeries that require an overnight stay. 


Outpatient Total Hip Replacement in Tarzana, West Hills, & Westlake Village 

If you’re suffering from advanced arthritis of the hip, that is leading to a reduced quality of life, schedule a consultation with Board-Certified, Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Sumit Rana, MD. Dr. Rana specializes in anterior and posterior hip replacements, total and partial knee replacements, and revision surgeries from previous failed replacement surgeries. 


Dr. Rana will evaluate your overall health and joint injury to determine if you are a candidate for same-day, outpatient hip replacement surgery. If you are a candidate for minimally invasive, same day total hip replacement, your surgery will be scheduled at a surgical center convenient to you. Dr. Rana performs joint replacement surgeries at centers close to Westlake Village, Tarzana, and West Hills. 

To schedule a consultation with one of Los Angeles’ top hip and knee replacement surgeon, contact Dr. Rana’s team today at 818-264-3344, or send a message online.