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Elizabeth L. (72)

Several years ago, my intermittent back pain became chronic, and several specialists were looking at a herniated disc and unsuccessfully trying to manage my pain. Eventually, I had to use a wheelchair outside the house. I found Dr. Rana, and he showed me the state of my right hip – bone on bone. Some months later, he gave me a right hip anterior replacement at TOSH and I was soon able to walk again, but he warned me that my left hip was not far behind… Sure enough, a couple years later, I was back in his office with the same issues, and he showed me that my left hip was bone on bone. This time he recommended Tarzana Regional Medical Center to perform the same surgery on that hip, and the nursing experience there was even better. I left the hospital the day after surgery, and had physical therapy at home for 2 weeks and was then able to walk without a walker, occasionally using a walking stick outside the house. 4 months later, and I am “back to normal” (for the first time in about 5 years), able to drive again and play with my grandchildren. Dr. Rana was always so considerate and helpful in explaining the source and solution of my orthopedic problems at every visit, and I can highly recommend his manner and obvious expertise, as well as the friendliness of his staff. You won’t be sorry.