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What Patients Are Saying

Anterior HIP Replacement

Elizabeth L. (72)

Several years ago, my intermittent back pain became chronic, and several specialists were looking at a herniated disc and unsuccessfully trying to manage my pain. Eventually, I had to use a wheelchair outside the house. I found Dr. Rana, and he showed me the state of my right hip - bone on bone. Some months later, he gave me a right hip anterior replacement at TOSH and I was soon able to walk again, but he warned me that my left hip was not far behind... Sure enough, a couple years later, I was back in his office with the same issues, and he showed me that my left hip was bone on bone. This time he recommended Tarzana Regional Medical Center to perform the same surgery on that hip, and the nursing experience there was even better. I left the hospital the day after surgery, and had physical therapy at home for 2 weeks and was then able to walk without a walker, occasionally using a walking stick outside the house. 4 months later, and I am "back to normal" (for the first time in about 5 years), able to drive again and play with my grandchildren. Dr. Rana was always so considerate and helpful in explaining the source and solution of my orthopedic problems at every visit, and I can highly recommend his manner and obvious expertise, as well as the friendliness of his staff. You won't be sorry.

Robotic Total Knee Replacement

Carol S.

My experience with Dr. Rana was amazing and I would highly recommend him. Not only is he a skilled surgeon and my robotic total knee replacement went beautifully, but his care and concern for every patient is so comforting. I was nervous for my surgery and had so many questions, yet he put my mind at ease and followed up with such compassion. Not only do I trust him whole-heartedly, but he has also been the surgeon for my daughter's two hip replacements, and I am now referring my son to him for a knee replacement as well. My pain was minimal and I recovered very quickly.

Total Knee Replacement

John M. Johnson

Dr. Rana did a total knee replacement on my right knee. He and his staff were informative, caring, and quite professional throughout the whole process, taking the time to make sure I understood what to expect before, during, and after the surgery. The knee replacement went so well, I was back at work in six weeks which is a great recovery time for this procedure. I am so glad Dr. Rana did my surgery, and I highly recommend him. He is a highly skilled physician with a great bedside manner. – John M. Johnson

Kathy Fink

I had total knee replacement surgery in August. Dr. Rana listened to my concerns and took the time to answer my questions and explain the procedure. I am very happy with the outcome. He is very knowledgeable and it is clear that he cares about his patients. I can highly recommend Dr. Rana. – Kathy Fink

Penny Ellers

I highly recommend Dr. Rana. He did my total knee replacement in March 2016. Prior to surgery, he tried every possible treatment to avoid surgery, but it became clear that surgery was my best option. The procedure was explained thoroughly and patiently, he was kind and completely professional, with a personal touch. Dr. Rana has humor and compassion, and I felt completely taken care of. After surgery, I was up and walking in 2 days, without use of walker or cane! The best! – Penny Ellers


Dr. Rana fills all the requirements for the perfect orthopedic surgeon--he is patient, kind, compassionate, and caring! I recently had a total knee replacement and feel my excellent recovery is due to his skill and expertise in using up-to-date surgical techniques. Dr. Rana takes the time to explain all treatment plans and options and is genuinely concerned about giving you the best care possible. If you need an excellent orthopedic surgeon, look no further, Dr. Rana is the best! – M.L.

Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Laura F.

I had an anterior left his replacement and was so happy with my recovery. There are no restrictions which made everything easier as far as getting in and out of bed, going to the bathroom, taking a shower, and going for walks. Dr. Rana was a god sent, he was so attentive to my concerns and really took the time to explain everything and made us feel comfortable with our decision to have the surgery. We highly recommend Dr. Rana, he really cares about his patients. – Laura F.

Reynaldo R.

Dr. Rana is the real deal!! After having read all the comments and getting my PCP’s recommendation I made an appointment. I just came home from my anterior hip replacement. Went in Tuesday morning and out Wednesday afternoon! Couldn't believe it, out as advertised! I'm a 70 year who's never had a major operation. Dr Rana made it simple for me. A great young and highly skilled and personable and caring doctor. He and his staff are simply the best!!! – Reynaldo R.

Ellie L.

I recently had an anterior hip replacement, and I can't express enough, not only the gratitude of being out of pain, but the care I had received from Dr. Rana and his staff. Dr. Rana not only has extensive knowledge, and expresses every step along the way, taking his time with you, being available listening to all concerns. I experienced a speedy recovery, and very happy with my outcome of surgery. I have full range of motion, and experienced minimal down time. I highly recommend Dr. Rana. – Ellie L.

Peter P.

Dr. Rana is a superb surgeon! I had an anterior total hip joint replacement. The results were awesome and the recovery speedy. Dr. Rana is trained in the most up-to-date surgical technique. I only needed to be in the hospital for one day. The inevitable pain from surgery was very manageable. I only needed narcotic analgesics for a very short time. I was mobile and walking unassisted around my home in days. Dr. Rana is friendly and a caring doctor. I am so lucky to have found this great surgeon! – Peter P.

Dan Aldrich

Dr. Rana, what an incredibly great Doctor. Very heartfelt, caring, personable and extremely knowledgeable about his field of expertise. In my case, he performed a right anterior total hip replacement. He explained the condition and provided his recommendation. The explanation was in detail with options and what to expect as a result from each option (he actually cares). All his recommendations have proven to be right on and recovery is progressing better than expected. His staff is wonderful (10 stars). – Dan Aldrich

Mary Lou Heath

Dr. Rana was totally amazing. He explained everything thoroughly, was personable, took time with me, and was extremely knowledgeable. I had complete trust and confidence in him, and he didn't let me down. After my anterior total hip replacement, I had little to no pain. In 6 weeks I'm walking without the aid of a cane, driving and feeling wonderful. I can't thank him enough and am praising him to all of my friends. If I need anything in the future, I wouldn't hesitate going to him. – Mary Lou Heath

Posterior Hip Replacement

Joshua Wintringham

I had total hip replacement surgery with Dr. Rana May of 2016. It was a life changing experience, to say the least. I was scared to death to do it. I don't like hospitals and try to avoid them (I'm 46!), but it was not just Dr. Rana's expertise that ultimately changed my life, but also, and especially, his bedside manner. I've never realized how important this is, to feel relaxed and supported, to get a phone call of simple follow up, to talk to your dr. when needed. I feel like a million bucks! – Joshua Wintringham

Stephen Naczinkski

Dr. Rana is one of the best doctors I have had - period. I had a hip replacement from him. In addition to having a flawless operation and recover, I was extremely impressed by his "bedside manner" and quick response time to my phone and email messages. His knowledge was outstanding and explanation of the procedure and follow up left me completely assured and confident in his care. I recommend him unquestionably. – Stephen Naczinkski

Partial Knee Replacement

Carolyn Clemence

I had a partial knee replacement with Dr. Rana. I've had many surgeries for various things in my lifetime, and was a part of the general way of thinking that the older the surgeon, the better the care. I don't want to smash the opinion that older is better, but I'm so happy to say that I was wrong in that judgement with Dr. Rana! Not only is he a brilliant Ortho surgeon, but his before and after care is exactly what a lot of people look for-sympathetic to your needs, very personal, and he really does listen to you. You won't be disappointed! – Carolyn Clemence


I had a partial left knee replacement at the end of April with Dr. Rana. He was very professional and knowledgeable about my procedure. The experience was better than I had anticipated. He is up to date on all the newest technologies and was very thorough about my after care and prescriptions. He also came and saw me the evening of my surgery and also called the next day to see how I was doing and if I wanted to go home. He also called me at home to see how I was doing, which was amazing since in this day and age - most Dr.'s don’t take the time to do that. – Sandra Vaughn

Knee Arthroscopic Surgery

Janice R.

My experience with Dr. Rana was great. I called for an appointment following a knee injury. I was in the office 2 days later, had the MRI the same week and confirmed the next step within a few days. Dr. Rana performed arthroscopic surgery and I was walking gingerly two days later and within 2 weeks was back to my normal activities. Dr. Rana answered all my questions, never made me feel rushed, and has a friendly personality. I would recommend him to anyone needing orthopedic help. – Janice R.

Janice R.

My experience with Dr. Rana was great. I called for an appointment following a knee injury. I was in the office 2 days later, had the MRI the same week and confirmed the next step within a few days. Dr. Rana performed arthroscopic surgery and I was walking gingerly two days later and within 2 weeks was back to my normal activities. Dr. Rana answered all my questions, never made me feel rushed, and has a friendly personality. I would recommend him to anyone needing orthopedic help. – Janice R.

Fracture Care

Lisa S.

Dr. Rana is very thorough and patient with you. He has a great bedside manner. Takes his time answering all questions. He is a perfectionist in all areas especially surgery. He is very knowledgeable in all aspect of his work. Would really recommend him to everyone. – Lisa S.


Dr. Rana took care of my mother’s hip fracture surgery. This was our family’s first time dealing with a problem like this. And Dr. Rana was a god sent. He has amazing bedside manner. He took his time to explain all aspects of the surgery and all the options we had. He even took the time to talk to all members of our family who had questions. He went above and beyond to coordinate care with the medical doctors helping to take care of our mom. He really knows what he is doing. We felt blessed to have gotten such a caring and skilled Orthopedic surgeon. – C.L.

Revision Surgery


I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Rana. He did my revision knee surgery. I was miserable after another surgeon did a suboptimal knee replacement and left me with limited range of motion and pain. Dr. Rana thoroughly worked up my knee to figure out what was wrong with it. He explained everything to me so I could understand it, and he really got me prepared for surgery. I had a great outcome and only have the best things to say about this amazing surgeon. – K.E.

Evelyn L.

I saw Dr. Rana for a revision of my hip replacement which I had done with another doctor 10 years ago. He was extremely understanding and very thorough when he explained things to me. My surgery turned out great and the recovery time was shorter than I thought it would be. Now I have so much less pain and more mobility all thanks to Dr. Rana. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an orthopedic surgeon. – Evelyn L.